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Discover our wide range of French pastries by Maison Saint Honoré 


A little history...

In the 20th century, Parisian bakers revisited the croissant with a typically French puff pastry. 
The first recipe for the flaky croissant appeared in 1906 in Auguste Colombié's Nouvelle encyclopédie culinaire. It first appeared in the Larousse gastronomique in 1938.

It became a traditional part of the French breakfast in 1950, and the emblem of French Viennese pastries.

The only authentic Croissant in Australia

All our viennoiseries are created and shaped by hand by qualified French bakers. The dough used for our viennoiseries is puff pastry, to which we add French butter. We sometimes add toppings for some of our products, such as chocolate bars for our pain au chocolat.

You can admire the expertise of our French patissiers behind the window of our shop in East Perth.


Our variety of pastries

Maison Saint Honore offers a wide variety of pastries, available in each of our shops as well as online.

Discover the know-how of our bakers through swiss, croissants, chocolate croissants, sultanas and many more. 

Each product is designed to offer a variety of pleasures and to satisfy each and every one of our customers.

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